I am an advocate for public education. A free, quality public education is the foundation upon which our nation is built. Quality education, in my opinion, is a national defense issue. An educated and informed population is necessary for the survival of free and independent people. 

I will fight for education, for students and for teachers. I will actively resist the desire of federal government to control all things from Washington, DC.  I want Montana parents to have the ability to do what is in the best interest of their kids. I want Montana schools to be able to provide the best education possible.

This is not an impossible dream. Quality education must be fully funded, but the power and resources being squandered by federal bureaucracy must first be returned to local authorities.  Micro-management by the federal government is neither efficient nor effective. State and local control is essential for quality education. Resources currently being consumed by federal bureaucracy must be returned to the states to be utilized in actual classrooms. My goal is to give the states both the authority and the resources that rightly belong to them.

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